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the mirrored wall and the veil   laddertri

The space is conceived (paradoxically?) as an‘ephemeral’ immersive installation. It consists on a mirrored wall and a translucent veil that divides it tangentially. This design occupies a corner of a room and ‘opens up’ this space when the veil is projected upon and reflected. The interesting immersive quality of this piece is that images on the veil not only double themselves, but suggest a 4D texture.

Lilith’s Rain is a poetical ‘explorative piece’ that fuses animation (hand drawing), kinetic poetry, original sound composition and the intervention of 2 women (or three) interacting with the mirror, the veil and Lilith’s character. The visuals of the piece consist in the display of the legend (text); the animation (her coming from the sky and arriving next to the tree, the symmetrical alphabet, the act of writing backwards and a universe full of letters falling from the sky) and the performance of women interacting with this media backdrop.

Lilith’s Rain enquires into the relationship of women and their subconscious and it is founded on the interaction between ‘real actors’ and a projected scenario.  Reflection, symmetry and infinity are explored psychologically, visually but also in the interaction between performers and soundtrack.

The performance will be done in 2 different levels:
– A woman (or two) will represent the damage caused in women, they will act out this sorrow not verbally but using only their bodies, they first avoid the mirror and finally come to terms with it. These women hardly utter a word, their performance is more based on their body gestures: they crawl, they limb, they fall. They will represent transgression, symmetry and ambidexterity (finding a personal gesture to express a ‘psychological knot’ will be explored in workshops).
– I will be in the back of the veil where the projector is, intervening some images by putting a glass between the lens and the translucent veil (interface). This intervention gives a ‘live’ characteristic to Lilith, and also gives her an especial ‘aura’.

The soundtrack

The sound track is original and consists of the ‘theme of Lilith’ ( piano) and 2 different sound compositions that give the ‘out of this world’ atmosphere. Some texts will be recorded but ‘obsessive repetitions’, stuttering and echoes in speech, will also be an expressive part of the psychological exploration.


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